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“My experience with mediumship is limited, through Elizabeth Raver DeCesare I have had several beautiful connections. She is very sensitive and careful In what she says and does and makes this journey very safe and rich!” JK, Poughkeepsie, NY

My husband and I have been students of Dr. Liz since Spring of 2020. It has been amazing how in a short time span we have developed into mediums. Dr.Liz's guidance and knowledge is so valuable and her patience and understanding speaks volumes. - Dawn S

Dr. Elizabeth Raver DeCesare is one of the most gifted mediums and healers that I have ever worked with. She has multiple forms of training and continuously improves her knowledge base and connection through workshops, lectures, and research. She is a tremendously knowledgeable, experienced, and patient mentor and teaches others how to purely and effectively communicate with spirit. She is able to give very specific, detailed personal messages and convey the presence of spirit around us. Her positivity, humor and kindness are reflected in her daily life and are obvious to all that meet her. Working with her has drastically improved my abilities and created a life-long friendship. SR, Bristol, CT, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Dr Liz (as she’s affectionately known) is not only a terrific person, but a truly gifted medium, healer and intuitive. She has the ability to connect and receive very clear evidential messages. She has done extensive research and study for over 20 years and has the ability to convey that information with clarity and warmth. If you decide to work with her you will not be disappointed. I highly recommend her. Reverend Shirley R Bloethe, Asst. Pastor - Spiritualist Church of Love and Light, Executive Director Holistic Community Professionals

After much anticipation of an upcoming session with Dr. Liz Raver DeCesare, I was quite pleased with the results.  I am a 30 year practicing Medium so am familiar with certain techniques.  However, the tools used with this program resulted in a deeper and more exact message.  Each segment built on the previous and enforced the communication in a more intense manner.  The progression became more exciting and unique with every moment.  I was able to connect clearly and precisely, making the experience remarkable. It is a wonderful tool for self healing, self exploration and acquiring profound knowledge.  The peace and calm felt afterward still resonates.  Sincere gratitude for such a wonderful experience. 

Mona Casey

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