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We are light workers and star dust.

During childhood Dr. Liz played with "imaginary friends" but not until her mid-twenties did she begin to understand that she can communicate with spirit people. Dr. Liz has studied mediumship and/or healing with Camp Chesterfield, Lilydale, the Spiritualist Church of Love and Light, and Magical Solutions. She teaches online courses for mediumship and offers sessions. She has a PhD in Psychology and has taught Math/Psychology in higher education. In addition, she has been trained by Dr. Jane Bissler, to facilitate Loving Hearts Connection® sessions.

  • Certified Spiritual Intuitive Life Coach.

  • Trained in the Loving Hearts Connections® modality.

  • Certified Rieki II.

  • Evidential medium, psychic, energy work and trance (light).

  • Serves in Spiritualist churches administering message and healing work, and sermons.

  • Volunteer demonstrations regarding the phenomenon of mediumship to university students studying life after death. 

  • Volunteer work with bereaved parents. 

  • PhD in Psychology.

  • Participated as a subject in Yale Universities' Belief Lab study on Mediumship.

  • Participated as a subject in The Yale COPE Project.

  • Studied meditation at the Hindu Cultural Center, Camp Chesterfield, Koru, and Parmath Niketan Ashram, Rishikesh, India.

  • Member Afterlife Research Educational Discussion (AREI), Facebook.

  • Member Parapsychological Association.

  • Member American Association of Psychics and Healers.

  • Presently writing a book on Mediumship by combining scientific findings, spiritualism and her own personal experiences.

  • Presently part of a research team studying the effects of the Loving Heart Connections® modality on clients. 

Evidential Mediumship

By serving between the two worlds, my spirit team and I work to connect clients with loved ones who have passed and/or spirit guides.  Information and symbols are often presented to clients as validation from the spirit to the client. We follow the rule "give what you get" so that even if a message comes through that makes no sense to the reader, the client understands and can interpret it; this is a form of validation. As the session progresses, communications often take on a more conversational style. At times, Dr. Liz has been known to go into a light trance, allowing for even more direct communication with spirit. Evidential mediumship is excellent for clients needing immediate answers regarding loved ones who have passed or with guides. It is also excellent for those who feel they need assistance to connect with spirit.

Loving Heart Connection®

A new modality which teaches clients how to connect with loved ones themselves, without the intermediary of a medium. I simply act as teacher/facilitator. During LHC® sessions, clients  directly experience spirit on their own. I do not serve as a medium passing along messages from spirit to the client; I act as the client's facilitator and instructor in guiding the client to commune with spirit. 

Trademarked by Dr. Jane Bissler, LHC® is an offshoot of Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing® (EMDR®) and Induced After Death Communication® (IADC®). It differs from EMDR®  and IADC® in that 1) it is not necessary to relive a trauma associated with the transition of a loved one, 2) the client can practice the modality on their own, 3) LHC® is less time consuming and therefore less expensive. 

LHC® teaches clients how to develop a Continuing Bond with loved ones who have passed, a bond that is different from when the loved one was in a physical body. LHC® has the ability to empower individuals in connecting with loved ones, guides or their higher self, without the assistance of an intermediary; it is meant as a lifelong skill. "If you give a man a fish, you feed him for one day. If you teach him to fish, you feed him for a lifetime." I received my training by Dr. Jane Bissler, herself. For more information open the link  LHC®  or paste and copy the link below.

Click on the Following Links for More Information on Mediumship:

* My YouTube page with videos! 

** If you live near Trumbull, Ct. and would like to meet in person, contact me.

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