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Any information, communications and/or consultations with Elizabeth Raver (Dr Liz Medium LLC), are for educational, spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

No sessions or classes provided by Elizabeth Raver (Dr Liz Medium LLC) are intended to, or shall ever take the place of professional services, including but not limited to medical, psychological, legal, financial and/or business advisors. 

Dr. Liz is not a clinical therapist nor counselor. Her sessions are not clinical; if you feel the need for therapy or counseling please seek the help of a certified psychotherapist or counselor.

Clients under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Elizabeth Raver (Dr Liz Medium LLC) reserves the right to refuse/discontinue service to anyone under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or who is mentally unfit or threatening.

If for whatever reason, a client is unsatisfied with their session they will be reimbursed for their payments, but they must tell the medium within the first 10-15 minutes of the session (to be reimbursed). No exceptions.

Elizabeth Raver (Dr Liz Medium LLC) does not accept any liability and/or responsibility for any actions, reactions, and/or decisions taken by any client based on his/her sessions or classes with Elizabeth Raver (Dr Liz Medium LLC).

Elizabeth Raver (Dr Liz Medium LLC) does not perform exorcisms, spells and nor make death predictions. 

Except for Loving Heart Connection® sessions, there are no recordings of classes and/or sessions by clients or any other sources. Handwritten notes are permitted.

By signing up for, attending and completing a session/class with Elizabeth Raver (Dr Liz Medium LLC) you agree to completely hold Elizabeth Raver (Dr Liz Medium LLC) free from any all liabilities.

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