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The class schedule is being updated to reflect Fall of 2023. Stay tuned.

Unfolding Psychic-Mediumship Skills
Level 1, Course Unit B

Maximum of ten students so reserve your spot today!

This is a four-week course; it is not required that you have taken the previous unit (A). We will continue increasing our understanding and ability of mediumship through discussion and hands-on activities. This second unit is designed for beginners/intermediate students. 

  • TBD. "Unfolding Psychic-Mediumship Skills, Level 1, Course Unit B."  

  • TBD. "Unfolding Psychic-Mediumship Skills, Level 1, Course Unit B." ONLINE  through zoom. Limited to ten students so reserve your space now!; 203-400-9212. Contact me for pricing and payment. 

Class 1 : Understanding Natural Law to Attract Appropriate Spirits.

Practice: Flower readings.

Class 2: Mediumship Throughout Time and Cultures.

Practice: Short meditation to connect with guides/loved ones for messages.

Class 3: Mental Mediumship.

Practice: Deliver messages from loved ones/guides using a five-step template.

Class 4: Physical Mediumship.

Practice: Reinforce/build on last week’s exercise.

Unfolding Psychic-Mediumship SkillsLevel 1, Course Unit A

This course unit is intended to increase your understanding of psychic-mediumship abilities and help you in your own unfoldment. Each class meeting focuses on different topics and includes hands-on activities. Best suited for beginners and intermediate students.​

  • First Class: Psychic abilities versus mediumship abilities: Practice psychic reading with pictures (not photos of people who have passed).

  • Second Class: The 7 Claires: Practice using 1 or more of your Claires for "psychic information gathering". 

  • Third Class: Spirit Guides (based on traditional spiritualism): Connect to spirit via meditation.

  •  Fourth Class: The Four Types of After Death Communications: Practice spirit messages. 


Payments:  at Paypal Link, by check, or by cash right before class. 

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