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Part of Our Psychic-Mediumship Explorations

Held at New Insights Boutique, Sandy Hook, CT


SPECIAL Discussion

April 11, Thursday, 6:30-8:30.

Life in the Afterlife: What do we Know?

  • Based on published reports from Near Death Experiencers (NDEs), Out of Body Experiencers (OBEs), and Channeled documents.

  • Early civilizations (Egypt, Pre-Buddhist China), Sweden (1700’s), Modern Spiritualism and Brazilian Spiritism, 20th - 21st century Western reports.

  • Intended to increase awareness of various interpretations of life after death.

  • $40

Hands On Workshop

Topic Discussion

April 25, Thursday, 6:30-8:30.

  • Discussion and practice of mediumship. Each workshop has a different theme. April 25th's theme is to be determined but will focus on the hands-on practice of spirit messages. Best for beginners and intermediate students.

  • $40

To Reserve Your Spot:

New Insights Boutique, Sandy Hook, Ct. Reserve your reading or (203) 204-6263

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