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Welcome to Dr. Liz Medium
Elizabeth Raver, PhD

For Information on Winter Classes, open the "Events" tab on this website. Go: More > Events > scroll down to the paragraph for online classes and/or in person classes. So excited to offer this educational opportunity!

You can read my latest article about
mental health and spirituality in Natural Awakenings magazine! Pages 20-21, 5 minute read. Just click on the link in blue.

Schedule a convenient and safe session
using Zoom (no software download required) or on the phone,  from anywhere you live. Although located in Connecticut, USA, through ZOOM I offer sessions globally, to people from around the world.
 If you live near Connecticut and would like to meet in person, contact me.

Elizabeth Raver DeCesare, PhD, is a practicing medium, energy worker, clairvoyant and trance worker. In addition, she has been trained in the Loving Heart Connections® modality, by Dr. Jane Bissler. Whether working as a medium with her inner circle guides, or facilitating a LHC® session, she finds great joy in connecting people with Spirit. She is especially interested in the merging of Spirituality and Science as we enter the Aquarian age. For more information on mediumship and LHC® visit the "ABOUT" tab.


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