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Welcome to Dr Liz Medium LLC
Certified Spiritual Intuitive Life Coach
Elizabeth Raver, PhD

I am dedicated to the understanding that communion with those in spirit is a natural and normal part of life. Mediumship can have profound healing affects and aid spiritual growth. Mediumship, when properly understood and practiced, can be experienced as sacred moments leading to love and wisdom.

For grievers, I use mediumship to help clients connect and continue to remain bonded with their transitioned loved ones. This is possible because consciousness continues after the transition called death. Such connections can bring much solace, hope and understanding to those struggling with the loss of a loved one.  Sessions often include an educational aspect that ties in with my certification as a Spiritual Intuitive Life Coach.

For spiritual seekers, I help guide them through their studies and practice of mediumship. This helps to expand their understanding of how consciousness is directly connected to life's purpose and meaning. This can be facilitated through mediumship sessions intended to connect the client with loved ones and/or spiritual guides, in addition to classes on mediumship.

I offer global, convenient and safe sessions using Zoom or the phone. 
If you live near Connecticut and would like to meet in person, email or leave a voice message at   203-400-9212


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