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Recommended Books and Videos
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Proof of Continuity of Life After Cessation of the Physical Body

Dr. Vernon Neppe

We definitely live after death: The Proof. A Bigelow prize-winning scientist demonstrates the profound evidence for survival after bodily death, Seattle. 2022.

Books Related to Psi Phenomenon

Dr. Dean Radin: 


Real Magic

Entangled Minds

The Conscious Universe

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake

The Sense of Being Stared At

Science and Spiritual Practices


Helane Wahbeh, N.D. 

The Science of Channeling.

Dr. Jon Klimo

Channeling; Investigations on Receiving Information From Paranonormal Sources

Arthur Hastings

With the Tongues of Men and Angels.

Philosophical Channeled Work

Published by ACIM Foundation for Inner Peace

A Course in Miracles

After Death Communications (ADCs)

Bill & Judy Guggenheim (A classic read)

Hello From Heaven!

Dr. Jane Bissler and Lisa Heiser

Loving Connections; The Healing Power of After-Death Communications

Drs. Allan L. Botkin and Craig Hogan

Induced After Death Communication; A New Therapy for Healing Grief and Trauma

Channeled Books About Life After Death

Anthony Borgia:

The World Unseen.

Physical Mediumship

Robin P. Foy

In Pursuit of Mediumship 

Near Death Experiences 

Sam Parnia, M.D.

Erasing Death

Francisco Candido Xavier:

Nosso Lar, Life in the Spirit World

Between Heaven and Earth

In the Greater World

In the Domain of Mediumship

The Messengers

And Life Goes On



Astral City A Spiritual Journey: Based on Chico Xavier channeled book, it is a story of one man's spiritual experiences after transitioning to the after life. Check Amazon videos.

Surviving Death: Based on journalist Leslie Kean's investigations about After Death Communications (ADCs). See the Netflix channel.

Calling Earth: Daniel Drasin's video about after death communications using Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC), i.e., the use of electronics to make spirit connections. or

We Don't Die Films: Sonia Rinaldi. Instrumental Transcommunication to the Other Side.

YouTube: Search for videos by 

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