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The facilitators of Loving Heart Connections® began a research study, using Q-Analysis, investigating the effectiveness of this modality in March 2022. Facebook site participants (N= 43) responded to the following question: How have you been affected by having a Loving Heart Connections® facilitated session? They could provide up to 5 statements. This produced 175 statements. The research team categorized these statements into 40 categories. Those who have participated in a Loving Heart Connections® session will be invited to sort these categories into a grid showing the most helpful to the least helpful.

Q-Analysis was chosen because it is used to analyze relationships among people rather than traits. It contrasts with R methodology which is used to analyze relationships among objective characteristics or traits. Q-analysis allows researchers to systematically study subjective (point of view or frame of reference) experiences in human beings in the data sample. The factors that come forth are those viewpoints that are mutually shared by participants. Subjective points of view are communicable and always well-developed from a position of self reference.

Phases of Q-Analysis specific to the Loving Heart Connections® research project.

Phase 1: Initial Data Collection began March 10, 2022. Participants described succinctly as possible, 5 ways LHC® has affected their life. n=43

Phase 2: Statements (N=175) were sorted so that similar statements were categorized together into groups, by the researchers. These groups are assigned phrases agreed upon by the researchers. n=40

This is done within a quasi-normal distribution. All participants share the same mean, standard deviation and distribution of ratings.

Phase 3: Participants are then asked to sort the phrases; extremes of the distribution represent most helpful (+4) and least helpful (-4).

Phase 4: The above Q sorts are then statistically analyzed for correlation and factor analysis to discern interrelationships of viewpoints via a correlational matrix. Factor scores are obtained for each phrase; particularly large or small scores represent phrases the participants consider most important.

The research group has completed phases 1 and 2 and preparing invitations to participate in phase 3. We invite you to check back often to see how the research develops (Bissler, 2022, Ongoing Research).

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