Upcoming Events With Dr. Liz

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Awaken Wellness Fair, 10-5 pm.  Tarrytown, NY

Sleepy Hollow Hotel

455 S.Broadway

 Tarrytow NY 10591

rav516@gmail.com or 203-400-9212

For details click on https://awakenfair.com/readers%2Fhealers

  • Saturday, November 26, 2022

Mediumship Private sessions, 11 -4 pm. New Insights Boutique, Sandy Hook, Ct. 

Click on New Insights Boutique to reserve your appointment. 203-204-6263. Newinsightsbotique.com

rav516@gmail.com or 203-400-9212

  • Sunday, December 11, 2022

Holiday Psychic Fair, 7 Northwest St., Plainville, Ct.  11-4 pm.

For information 203-204-6263;

or contact me at rav516@gmail.com or 203-400-9212

Saturday Mediumship sessions, 10-4 pm. Red Barn, Durham, Ct.

Click on The Red Barn in Durham, Durham, Ct  for more details.

To reserve a session, pricing etc., contact me at rav516@gmail.com or 203-400-9212

For private online Zoom sessions or 

 in person sessions that are not listed above:

Call, Text, or Email Dr. Liz at

 ravelizabeth516@gmail.com; 203-400-9212